After his internship at editor Albert Markus and completion of his graduation film 'Hard voor de Hal', René graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2011. His graduation film was selected for various festivals including IDFA, Play Film Festival, and Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. At the latter, HvdH received the Go Short Award for Best Dutch Film. Immediately afterwards, he created the praised short documentary 'Thuisprikkers' in collaboration with Vice Magazine.

In his films, René van Zundert aims to portray raw subjects that reflect real life. For years Rotterdam, particularly the Southside of Rotterdam, has been his permanent work location. He thinks it's important to tell stories from this part of town as they reflect the reality and perception of young people who are less visible in (youth) documentaries. 

In his latest project, the short youth documentary 180CC, we see how main character José (12), a charismatic boy with a troubled past, struggles with choices that are at the core of those of all children: 'how do I choose between right and wrong', 'do I have to do what my parents want from me', and 'how do I follow my own path'?

Currently René works as a director of various documentary projects and regularly takes a trip to video clips and photography.





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