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In collaboration with various organizations, René offers tailor-made educational workshops for primary, secondary and higher education. These workshops relate to specific documentaries or the proces of filmmaking itself. Both workshops are given in Dutch.



Young money is an educational project derived from the short documentary 'BARS’. The workshop is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 24 and is all about money matters.

During the workshop, director René van Zundert and protagonist Michael look at Michael's personal story in the film 'BARS’.  After watching the film they discuss his personal situation with the workshop participants and talk about the pro’s and con's of money. Michael understands his peers like no other, because of this the workshop provides a place where young people can talk freely about money matters.

Additional components such as a digital quiz and a debate can be added upon request to match different target audiences.



Students get to know the world of documentary film, explore themes in film and develop their own (film) talent. This year, for the second consecutive year, René has been included in the education program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Under the supervision of René, students can also develop their own short film.



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